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We create your digital identity and maintain it by providing you with our wide range of services including Web Development, App Development, and Digital Marketing.

We are leading Web Development Company in India. We specialize in any type of web Development and Customs website Development. We have developed meaningful and easy to navigate E-Commerce website, Business website & apps, Job portal website, Social networking websites, blog and personal websites.

Design Service

Design is POWER; it inspires and convinces users to stay engaged.

UX/UI Design

We gives your web or mobile apps an interactive design, user-friendly website interface, motion graphics, and visual aspect.


Branding is all about making the customers aware of your business. We do it the right way with our expertise.

Websites Design

We mix the right design with excellent development and present you with an excellent website for your business.

Mobile Apps Design

Whether it is Android App Development or iOS App Development, we will develop a robust mobile app for you.

Development Service

Innovative development solutions that helps your business scale and grow.

Web Development

Most people search about a brand or business online and this online presence builds the credibility of the brand and its existence. Therefore, having a website is essential.so, we deliver custom web development platforms that help our clients in employing capabilities.

Cloud Development

We help our clients build or re-engineer their application portfolio and shift to the cloud in a highly cost-effective and coordinated manner by leveraging our deep domain expertise, cloud accelerators, and frameworks.

eCommerce Development

We create memorable websites that sell. With our eCommerce expertise we work on every element of your website that perfectly aligns with your brand voice and volumes. We understand that every business has new challenges and we have the right eCommerce strategists to assess.

App Development

We build native and cross-platform mobile apps with advanced feature integration based on IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI, Chatbot, and many more.

Marketing Service

Marketing services to take you above the noise and establish connection with target audience

Search Engine Optimization

Get Highly targeted traffic to your website. We have some of the best SEO Specialists in India to help your business take over the SERPs and bring in fresh sales qualified leads.


When it comes to reaching your targeted audience quickly, and accurately, there no other practice more efficient and faster than Pay Per Click advertising.

Social Media Optimization

We design the aura of your brand in such a way that it becomes a buzz feed on the social media platforms. We provide affordable SMO management services for business enhances your visibility on the internet.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management services help any business to increase its online reputation to win people’s trust who are searching for their brand or service online.

Work Flow

Development Process We Follow

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

Requirement Gathering

This phase is the foundation upon which the entire project is planned and developed before building a website. It involves detailed requirement gathering

035 - Creative ThinkingCreated with Sketch.

Wireframes and guidelines gathered in the previous phase are used by the web & App designers as guidelines for web & App design.


The developer makes a small scale model of the proposed program so that users can give feedback and ensure it meets their needs.


In the development phase, Experienced programmers build the features/functionalities that were finalized in the discovery phase.

Quality Assurance

Before a newly built web & app can be reviewed, it is essential to ensure that it has met rigorous quality standards. In this phase, comprehensive quality assurance of the various developed features is performed.


At the end of which, application is rolled into production, and made available to the target audience. This is a very important final step, for which a lot of preparation is done, sometimes from the start of the project.

Support & Maintenance

Our team members are always ready to provide 24x7 dedicate service support to solve your all queries. Special note here: In some cases support may be chargeable or free.


Frequently Asked Questions

At CalmCoders, we provide comprehensive digital marketing services including social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay-per-click), content marketing, online reputation management, online PR, Google Penalty Fix, website design and development. Sounds too overwhelming? Don’t worry. Give us a call at +91 9313535461. We will help you understand the world of digital marketing better and also help you find the services that are just right for you.

Our 360 digital marketing service packages are cost effective and time-based. We provide 6-12 months contracts that include customized packages for our clients including clear KPIs.

Based on your marketing requirements, we provide a variety of digital marketing packages starting from? 18,000 + GST per month. We look into the needs of every individual customer and formulate a custom package of 360-degree digital marketing solutions that can help them reach their short-term and long-term goals.

Do you need a website design service as well? Apart from digital marketing services, we also help new startups to set up a website at rates that are not too heavy. So if you wish to avail result-oriented and reasonable digital marketing services, give us a call on +91 9313535461 or email info@calmcoders.com. We may be able to offer you a special package based on what you are looking to purchase.

Digital marketing is such an active world that there can be surely no absolutes. That is why, no matter the techniques used, despite google promotions no one can guarantee first-page rankings. Plus, every business is relevant to a lot of additional keyword searches. So you should not determine the results of one particular keyword. Apart from that, Google changes its algorithm frequently as well which is why you may be on the first page of google for that keyword one day and be on the second page totally the next day.

Yet, having a well-constructed search-engine-optimized website that is well maintained and updated and has good quality backlinks from across the internet always has a higher probability of having better search engine ranking resulting in quality lead generation. But you need to understand that this is not a one-day process. It is something that grows over time and has to be worked upon for growth and maintenance. This is why investing in SEO (search engine optimization) on a continuing basis is really important to help you build your organic ranking on Google & other search engines. Chat with us at +91 9313535461 if this is something you would like help with.

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We recognize that every customer is unique, with their own individual needs and wants. We are dedicated to working with our customers to understand what’s most important to them, and then working hard to provide a services. It is our versatility that allows us to deliver to such a wide range of customers around the world. We offer 360-degree digital Marketing, Web & mobile app development services tailored to your business needs, including enterprise-grade Web & mobile apps solutions for Android and iOS.

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